Random Song of the Day – 12/9/14

So the Birthday Massacre released a new album:

On one hand, it’s interesting to me that TBM is actually kind of developing into more than just a novelty synth pop-rock band. When they first debuted I liked what they were doing, but it came across like a goofy concept project. Someone, presumably Chibi (the lead singer, and yes that is her stage name), decided that reviving the 80’s and being super nerdy about it was a great idea for a musical act, and everyone else just kind of ran with it. I mean, we’re talking about a band that covered the theme song from The Never-ending Story and had a member at one point named Falcor. Just looking at this CD in the store would be enough to magically teleport Ogre* to your location to scream NEEEEERRRDDDSSSS in your face. Somewhere along the way, though, Chibi gave up on the goofy screaming vocals and the band has somehow actually morphed into something good, instead of something novel. Kudos to them for turning into less of a concept project and more of an actual band.

On the other hand, that guy in the rabbit hat.

*By which I mean “from Revenge of the Nerds” though it’s also acceptable to assume that the lead singer of Skinny Puppy would do this thing, I think.

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