Random Song of the Day – 12/10/14

Today, In This Moment:

As content production goes, In This Moment has a really weird career trajectory: they started as a female-fronted metalcore band (think Otep but less interesting), jumped onto the Evanescence bandwagon with their second record, and have spent the past three records since then trying to cross-breed the two sounds, to varying results. While their most recent record is probably the most experimental of the lot, Whore is probably the apex, stylistically, of where this concept can really go: I’m not entirely sure what I think of the subject matter (I’m pretty sure it’s subversive but not positive), but the sound is balanced perfectly between singing and screaming, and there’s a real power and desperation here that lends the song… something it really needs to be effective. If ITM could find a way to maintain this balance effectively, they’d probably have something really special, though the current record shows signs of going in an experimental direction that’s… confusing, so… we’ll see.

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