Random Song of the Day – 12/12/14

Let’s finish this concept week out appropriately with the kidneythieves:

I don’t have a lot to say here, to be honest; kidneytiheves (you have to write it like that or it doesn’t work) is one of those bands that I’ve followed more or less since their debut album, and while I generally love their work quite a bit, they’ve always been just on the edge of getting somewhere without ever making it. Their first record saw a lot of licensing, as tracks appeared on the Bride of Chucky soundtrack and, of all places, in Deus Ex: Invisible War. Their second record saw some soundtrack appearances as well, including Queen of the Damned (woof), and it seemed like if the band could’ve kept it together they could’ve rode the Evanescence wave of popularity into mainstream recognition, since their sound had become a lot more accessible between the first and second records.

Then they broke up for almost a decade because… I don’t know, Free Dominguez, the lead singer, wanted to sing folk rock to audiences in the dozens or some shit, before getting back together to release Trypt0fanatic, which the track above comes from, long past the point where anyone but their most diehard fans would’ve cared. I happen to fall into that category, of course, so here we are, and enjoy the song.

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