Random Song of the Day – 12/18/14

Here’s a song you might not have realized had a video (or an actual band) behind it:

Yes, the band’s name is Yello, and there’s a video out there for it, which is… really kind of gross if you spend more than five seconds thinking on it, but the 80’s were a different time. What’s interesting is that Yello essentially still exists, and continues to make weird electronic music even now. I say that’s weird because, in the 80’s, that wasn’t a thing people really did, so in a way, they essentially helped along the process of what became techno music in some respects. If you listen long enough, you’ll even hear ambient pads towards the end that are reminiscent of what acts like BT and Darude have done through their careers.

That doesn’t make this a song that I ever really want to listen to actively ever again, but it is kind of interesting in its own way.

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