(Not So) Random Song of the Day – ERB Edition – Part One

For an idea as to what we’re doing here, refer back to the introduction for more details.

Let’s get down to business:

Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga:

The Positives:

Well… at least they kept it short. Bonus points, also, for finding someone who could convincingly play Sarah Palin, especially considering her fifteen minutes of fame, as the battle noted, were about up and impersonations were kind of on the downswing at that point.

The Negatives:

One of the major things that Peter and Lloyd learned here, I think, was that just because someone can portray a specific character effectively, doesn’t mean they can rap worth shit, and that’s one of the biggest problems with this battle: Lisa Nova, the lady portraying Sarah Palin, is convincing, but not at all enjoyable to listen to. It also doesn’t help that Nice Peter stepped in to portray Lady Gaga, because he’s not terribly convincing in the role, visually or aurally, and the whole thing just kind of feels like a trainwreck. The lyrics also seemed kind of… off; the attacks were about the most basic things you could imagine (Lady Gaga is ripping off Madonna! Sarah Palin is dumb!) and didn’t really get into the layered jokes ERB tends to do well.

Also I’m not sure why John McCain was wringing out a mop at the end since he’s still in Congress but okay.


Columbus vs Captain Kirk:

The Positives:

Peter does a good job of portraying Columbus here, and manages to carry a lot of the heavy load of the piece, which shows that he’s got skills, something which can be overshadowed with some of his weirder voices he uses. Also, the joke in the first verse, as well as Columbus calling out Kirk’s stilted speech style, are pretty funny and help the track out a lot.

The Negatives:

Lloyd takes the Sarah Palin principle and jacks it up to eleven: the only thing worse than someone who sounds exactly like the person they’re emulating even if that wouldn’t make for a good battle rap is someone doing an exaggerated version of a person that doesn’t make for a good battle rap. The “William Shatner is an exaggerated actor” joke is an obvious one, but not only is Lloyd’s portrayal over-the-top, it makes the whole thing feel uneven and unpleasant to listen to. Peter’s left to carry the lyrical load this time around, and it brings down the track overall.

This is almost certainly going to be an acquired taste track, of course; I compared lists with a friend and he had this track much higher in the list than I did, so clearly it helps if you’re a fan of Star Trek. That’ll be an apparent point a few times during this particular series, actually; some of the pieces are simply going to do better with fans of the specific subject matter than others, while others are simply “good” or “bad” relative to the composition. This one is more personal taste than anything, it would seem, and I can understand why someone would like it, but taken as a rap battle, it doesn’t work great.

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