(Not So) Random Song of the Day – ERB Edition – Part Two

For an idea as to what we’re doing here, refer back to the introduction for more details.

We’re past the bottom two, but we have a few more less than pleasant ones to go, so let’s get to it:

Justin Bieber vs Beethoven:

The Positive:

Alex Farnham makes for a fairly convincing Bieber, and he’s game to play full-on heel here, which is good because almost no one watching this is going to side with Bieber. Beethoven’s raps are full of choice lines, and Lloyd as Bach is absolutely hilarious in the couple of times he pops up, especially the first time, when he’s enthusiastically selling the size of Beethoven’s massive penis. The backing track is also really strong and really fits the theme of the battle rap, which helps out a lot.

The Negative:

Literally everything else.

Farnham’s good at portraying Bieber as a villain, but his actual rapping and singing are atrocious, which, while it’s supposed to be the point, don’t make him pleasant to listen to. This is literally a battle where one side is clearly the bad guy, and while everything about Bieber is unlikable, that just makes it more of a demolition than an actual battle, which makes it less fun. Further, Peter breaks out this specific “deep voice” a few times through all of the seasons of ERB, and it sucks almost every time he does it. We’ll actually be seeing it again tomorrow for reference, and there is only one instance he does it where it does work, which is probably why he keeps breaking it out. This time around, though, it’s a case where the guy we’re essentially supposed to be rooting for isn’t fun to listen to either, and strong raps or no, the end result is a track that’s not enjoyable across the board.

Genghis Khan vs. the Easter Bunny:

The Positive:

Lloyd absolutely kills it here, and carries the good of this track almost entirely on his back, as his Genghis Khan just works perfectly aesthetically and lyrically. Peter is game to go as the Easter Bunny and puts in the best possible performance he could have, and he’s truly dedicated to making a go of any concept. The backing track is also good, and a one note Jesus joke is a lot funnier than you’d expect.

The Negative:

The pairing of these two is random to the point of insanity, such that even the announcer sighs disgustedly before announcing the Easter Bunny. I feel like Lloyd and Peter picked this one as a “here’s what happens when you guys pick random pairings for the lulz” punishment, but even if they did think it’d be good, man, they didn’t give EB anything to work with. His raps are poor across the board, between the first verse which is just a bunch of disconnected nonsense that ends with him telling the greatest conqueror in modern history that he has a vagina and a second verse that’s literally him going bitch mode and basically begging for his life. He’s essentially playing heel, which is fine, but as with the above Bieber/Beethoven battle, it’s not a lot of fun to watch in action. Lloyd and Peter are funny guys but man they couldn’t overcome this one.

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