(Not So) Random Song of the Day – ERB Edition – Part Three

For an idea as to what we’re doing here, refer back to the introduction for more details.

Yep, we’re doing this even on Christmas, suck it. We’re almost at the point where we’re done with the “bad” ones and getting into the “meh” ones, but we have two more to go before we get there:

Gandalf vs Dumbledore:

The Positive:

Believe it or not, the obvious gay joke; ignoring the idea that Dumbledore’s gay would’ve been kind of obvious, so instead, the battle throws it out there, then has Dumbledore take a dump all over it and it actually worked well. The lyrics were really well thought out this time around, also, and showed that Peter and Lloyd either did their research or are fans of both properties, which is one of the best parts of ERB when the subjects get that treatment. I also thought the visual aesthetic of the video was rather good, as there was a lot going on and everything stayed true to its own subject matter and worked out rather well.

The Negative:

Lloyd seemed overwhelmed at the beginning of his rap, and it felt like he was off for almost the entire first round, either going too fast or too slow at various points until everything evened out. It felt uneven, especially considering he did much better with the second round, as it felt like he was given more words or a more awkward timing than could be handled there, and it just fell apart. Peter, on the other hand, breaks out that deep voice we mentioned in Bieber vs. Beethoven, and surprise, it still sucks. In this case it wasn’t like he had a lot of options otherwise, because Dumbledore does sound a certain way and he needed to try and do something to emulate it, but it still isn’t great, and bringing in some alternate help would’ve done him a service.

Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare:

The Positive:

Watsky absolutely makes his first appearance in ERB count, as he completely kills it here and carries the track. His Shakespeare is spot-on and his second verse is dynamite, and he’s got some serious rap chops when he’s got something good to work with. Peter also does a good job here too, especially with the task he’s given, as I can’t imagine a way where “rapping as the Cat in the Hat” would have worked. He makes it happen, though, between (again) a complete commitment to the part and some nice shots in his rap, and it’s actually a pretty competitive battle until Watsky essentially busts out a verbal WMD in his second verse.

The Negative:

Thing 1 and 2.

Nothing about the second verse was any good. None of it. The actual lyrics were elementary school bullshit, especially considering how good ERB lyrics can be. The hyper-speed voice effects used on Lloyd’s voice were annoying as shit, as was the voice doubling to indicate there were two of the Things rapping at the same time, and I legit hated every single part of it. Further, the most obvious concept, having Lloyd rap two sets of lyrics and doubling them up to make it seem like the Things were competitive with Shakespeare, didn’t happen; it was just the same raps, twice, and it didn’t compete at all with the raps Watsky laid down beforehand.

I will, again, note that if you’re not annoyed with the second round, everything before it is absolutely top quality, so this one is another subjective one; if you can accept Thing 1 and 2 for what they are, the rest of the track is pretty great, and if it ended when Shakespeare’s second round ended, the track would probably be a lot higher on the list overall. Not every idea works, clearly, and it’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s just… not at all good.

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