(Not So) Random Song of the Day – ERB Edition – Part Four

For an idea as to what we’re doing here, refer back to the introduction for more details.

Yup, time for more battle raps, and we’re into the “not bad” territory here; everything from this point onward generally does everything decently, though it might lack one or a few things that keep it from being part of the top releases for the season. Let’s get into what’s here and see what worked and what didn’t.

Mr T vs Mr Rogers:

The Positive:

There’s honestly a lot to like here. DeStorm Power does an excellent job as Mr T, and Nice Peter does a fine job of emulating Mr Rogers, vocally, while also pulling off a good battle rap. Both characters keep to their respective characters fine, and they nail a few good hits in there as the rap goes on. Also, Lloyd does a lot of good here with his random cameos, even if they are only a few seconds long; having him play all three other members of the A-Team was pretty funny, even for a two second bit.

The Negative:

Okay I’m just going to say it, and I think we can be adult enough to accept that it’s not really a condemnation of the performers as much as a general observation of a thing that happened, and move on with our lives:

The Cool Runnings was kind of a little racist, and while I’d understand some of the characters making that joke, Mr Rogers making that joke was kind of gross.

Beyond that, the track is mostly just there. It’s fine, in the sense that a lot of the middle-ground tracks from ERB are fine, but it doesn’t really get out of first gear and it’s mostly just a lot of nothing that I forgot immediately after listening to it. When the video accompanying the track is more memorable than the track itself that’s not great.

Nice Peter vs. EpicLLOYD:

The Positive:

Peter and Lloyd, removed from their own characters and able to totally handle slandering the shit out of each other, kill it in terms of rapping; they get really into the gimmick and nail the concept well. It’s just hit after hit, and both guys are game to deliver a killer performance, one that’d easily rank in the top five of ERB under normal circumstances.

That said…

The Negative:

When Peter and Lloyd are playing characters, especially within the context of battle rapping, you can kind of get into what’s going on because it’s funny to see these characters going to war with one another. When Peter and Lloyd are playing themselves, it’s two goofy dudes making fun of each other, and that’s less funny. This just comes across as two people being mean to each other, and it doesn’t even really resolve, so much as Kassem G (and how in the fuck are we even supposed to know who he is as fans?) shows up and beats Peter into submission.

Also, Lloyd, you can’t run a service called Dis Raps For Hire and then use “gay” as a pejorative against Peter’s video work. That’s being a bully, sir. I understand the context, but you could’ve done better and it’s not cool. “Bullshit” is the same amount of syllables. I am disappoint.

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