Random Song of the Day: 1/2/15

Today, we have Curve:

Curve is one of those odd bands that I’ve heard plenty of times, and listen to from time to time purposely, but never really had much of an opinion on, save that they’re good, and that they probably shouldn’t have broken up back in 2005. The former part comes almost entirely from my earnest appreciation for semi-overproduced industrial music; vocalist/guitarist Toni Halliday projects very well and gives the songs an aural presence they wouldn’t have without her, while Dean Garcia handles the heavy lifting of the backing beat, producing something crunchy and raw for her to vocalize over as needed. The two work very well together because they keep each other in a certain amount of check; something too messy or experimental would take away from Halliday’s vocal presence, and something too focused on the vocals would minimize Garcia’s music and make it too bland. It was a good partnership, and now that they’re off doing their own thing, the things they’re making are largely unappealing.

I’ll probably take a look at the various side projects they’re working on when we end the next round of ERB reviews, if only to qualify that statement a bit, but suffice it to say, they’re… not great.

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