(Not So) Random Song of the Day – ERB Edition – Part Nine

For an idea as to what we’re doing here, refer back to the introduction for more details.

We’re into our second day of the second season, and we’re still scraping out the bottom of the barrel so far. The next two in the list are, thankfully, not as aggressively bad as the raps from yesterday, but they’re not great either; in the case of the second one, you could at least see where the idea was coming from and why there was merit in it. The first one… I got nothing.

Let’s get to it:

Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood:

The Positive:

Bruce Lee is played by a guy named Mike Diva, who isn’t exactly a Youtube “celebrity” in the strictest sense, and at least he makes cool things like this:

I mean he apparently thinks Street Fighter X Tekken is Pit Fighter/Mortal Kombat but otherwise it’s pretty neat.

Also Lloyd is a fine Clint Eastwood in terms of appearance, voice and mannerisms, and there are occasionally some fine digs in here on both sides.

The Negative:

I’m pretty sure Clint Eastwood himself would’ve watched this and said, “Holy shit my rap was super racist.”

I mean, fine, it’s not like Bruce Lee and Clint Eastwood have anything to rap about; they make different types of movies, never were in a position where they’d have worked with one another, and basically have nothing of note in common. The concept is a weird novelty more than anything, and frankly you’d probably have gotten more mileage out of Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris and Abe Lincoln vs Clint Eastwood, but whatever. That said, Eastwood’s battle rap would’ve been less insulting if he’d just screamed Chinese slurs at Bruce for a minute and a half, and also, technically Bruce Lee was either killed by Equagesic or the Meprobamate in said Equagesic, not aspirin. Considering the US discontinued the use of Equagesic because of toxicity concerns, but aspirin is still on sale basically everywhere, it’s probably not the Bayer that killed the guy. I’d say “they said it to be funny,” but it’s not a fucking funny rap so I don’t even know man.

Also Mike Diva is not good at rapping. Just… in general.

Mario Bros vs Wright Bros:

The Positive:

Peter and Lloyd team up here with another comedy/music Youtube duo, Rhett and Link, and to be fair to all assembled parties, they do fine musically and vocally. Rhett and Link clearly have been to this dance before, and since, successfully, and you can see that everyone involved here is rather talented at what they’re doing. It’s even noted in the comments of the video that Peter and Lloyd were inspired by Rhett and Link, which is pretty cool; it’s always great to give your inspirations props and an appearance in your work, especially if your stuff is blowing up at the moment, and I’ll actually say that I hope they’ll bring Rhett and Link back at some point when they have something to work on that’s a little more… not this.

The Negative:

… did you guys seriously, seriously include a “How you like me now?” riff in fucking 2012? Come the fuck on.

This is our second example of having a concept and nothing really interesting to do with it, which is kind of a running trend throughout this whole season, to be honest. It’s a pair of famous brothers battle rapping, and what we get from it is “We boned Princess Peach,” “Your names are silly,” and a lot of Super Mario Bros. jokes. 2D Scroller should probably never be a line in a battle rap, in general, but here we are and there it is.

Also Luigi calling two people skinny when his hole gimmick is being a goofy beanpole is… something alright.

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