Random Song of the Day – 1/19/15

A couple weeks back, I brought up Curve, and noted that the musicians associated, Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia, would’ve been better served staying together, as apart their music is a mess. Today we look at one of two Dean Garcia projects, SPC ECO:

The most notable thing about this band is that the vocalist is Garcia’s daughter, and she’s pretty solid; either her vocals are very good, or (more likely) she’s good at sticking to what she can do within the confines of the vocal effects. The problem is that the music never goes anywhere; it’s basically a lot of buildup for no payoff, a lot of effects, pads and soft guitars that just go on but never progress to anything. Go back to the above link and see how Garcia can pay off simple strings and pads with powerful, heavy guitar work and complex structures, and compare that to this, with its beautiful but incredibly boring musical structure. Every SPC ECO song is like that. Dean Garcia is just… bland now, essentially, and this is just a thing he’s doing, but not terribly infusing any passion into. It’s fine but it just feels… lazy, mostly.

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