Random Song of the Day – 1/20/15

Today we look at another Dean Garcia project, KGC:

I actually have a review I wrote for Beyond the Threshold kicking around that I’ll report today for shits and giggles, and to inform the discussion from this post, but in short: KGC is made up of three of the most talented musicians in the industrial genre today, between Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, Lucia Cifarelli of Drill and KMFDM and Dean Garcia of Curve. You’d expect that a band made up of these three would sound, at best, like a sonic masterpiece, and at worst, like Curve with bits of KMFDM added in. In reality, it sounds boring as shit, as Sascha and Dean have both kind of… become the adult contemporary versions of themselves in the past decade, and while Lucia sounds fine, she always sounds fine, so that isn’t really enough to save this project from being mediocre.

Had this record come out during the peak of the KMFDM revival (which would, if we’re being honest, be sometime between the release of the MDFMK side project and the release of Attak), it might have been something worth listening to. Instead this came out between the releases of Hau Ruck in 2005 (which had a small handful of fine tracks and “Professional Killer,” which would’ve been good if Sascha hadn’t added his vocals at the end) and Tohuvabohu in 2007 (which had nothing memorable, and was the last KMFDM record I paid money for), so the results are, frankly, and I cannot stress this enough, boring as shit.

I mean you want to know how boring KMFDM has become now? They released a song in 2013 on the Kunst record (the title track) where, in addition to referencing a bunch of old song titles (because motherfucking of course they did), they actually drop the “Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode” line, which

1.) Depeche Mode hasn’t been relevant for two fucking decades,

2.) Fucking really, and

3.) If KMFDM had been making the quality of music Depeche Mode has made in the past decade I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

The point is, Dean Garcia, as we’ve seen, has kind of become more experimentally downtempo as a musician since the breakup of Curve, and KMFDM is honestly just Sascha and Lucia making whatever the fuck they’re interested in, so this was never going to go anywhere, and that’s… just a big pity, honestly.

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