Random Song of the Day – 1/22/15

Today, let’s look back at a point when KMFDM was still on top of their game, with “Ultra”:

In addition to being the soundtrack to one of the better fight scenes in anime, ever, “Ultra” is an awesome song on its own, that effectively showcased what KMFDM could be when all of its relative elements were tempered by each other. Modern KMFDM is mostly just political bullshit and a lot of specific sounds, but KMFDM in their prime featured somewhere around three “core” vocalists, in Sascha, En Esch and Raymond Watts (of Pig), and each brought a different style and sound to the experience. The record Nihil, which this song comes from, is as close to being the objectively best record KMFDM has ever produced as the scientific method would tolerate; while you probably can’t scientifically prove it through testing and such, from general discussion I’ve met few people who would actively disagree, and even then it’s more a case of pleasant disagreement rather than anyone saying “you’re on drugs,” at the assertion.

Point being, the whole record is fucking rad as hell and it’s one of the very few from KMFDM that doesn’t have a bad track on it. It’s also the record the song “Juke Joint Jezebel” comes from, which you know if you saw the first Mortal Kombat, among many other things from that time period.

I know I’ve spent a couple days ragging on KMFDM here, but songs like this were why, at one point, the band was my absolute favorite in the world. Anything negative I have to say about them comes almost entirely from the expectation that they can be better because they have been better, and the fact that they are not better is, honestly, frustrating.

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