Random Song of the Day – 1/23/15

Going back to the Curve discussion for a bit, on the other side, today’s piece is from the other side, Toni Halliday and her band Chatelaine:

So here’s the other side of the issue with the breakup of Curve: while Dean Garcia ended up in a position where he was making boring music focused on a vocalist who only had so much to offer, Halliday ended up on the opposite end, making music that focuses heavily on her vocals, to the exclusion of all else, and it’s… fine, but it’s the same problem Free Dominguez ran into during her break from kidneythieves. Basically, everything about the song screams “you’ve heard this already, and it was more interesting when (at the very least) Adele did it,” which doesn’t help your sound in the least. Say what you will about Curve and Halliday, but Curve had a distinctive sound few others can really replicate (even its own members can’t do it, apparently), while Halliday sounds like every other female vocalist with a piano on Earth.

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