Random Song of the Day – 1/26/15

Today, Meghan Trainor:

I was introduced to this one in kind of a roundabout way; basically, I saw people complaining about the message of this song online, listened to it, and ended up asking the question, “What in the fuck are you on about?” afterward. That’s how we discover things these days: someone complains about them, we check them out, and we realize that maybe they’re not so bad and we kind of like them a lot. Mass complaining is the black, I guess is the point here, so if you hate something don’t say anything about it or it’ll be popular and you’ll be stuck dealing with six more weeks of winter.

Anyway I like Trainor’s message here, that you should try to be okay with who you are and what you look like, and while that’s a message a lot of people have been trying to get across, it’s still one I can get behind. Even the “fuck skinny bitches,” thing people got mad about was a joke (which Trainor literally explains in the next verse), and her overall point is, “Like who you are, whether your ass be big or not big,” and I like that. Also she’s cute so there’s that.

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