Random Song of the Day – 1/27/15

Today, Sia:

Sia’s interesting to me: I was vaguely aware of her music (and liked it fine) but really had no idea what she looked like or intention of finding out, up to the point where I found out that maybe she doesn’t think so highly of what she looks like. I was passed this video recently, though, and discovered through conversation that, in addition to making Shia LeBouf into someone I’d probably think was alright if not for all of the other stuff about him, Sia’s current deal is that she doesn’t tour and wears masks whenever she makes public appearances. That was odd, I thought, so I started looking into it and kind of figured out holy shit for someone as talented as she is, she’s

1.) had a super hard life, with anxiety, illness, and all kinds of other unfortunate issues, and

2.) someone I feel really bad for, given how poorly she seems to view herself and how talented she is,

so, honestly, I hope she gets better and gets together the confidence in herself she deserves, because holy shit you guys, she is so good at this.

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