Random Song of the Day – 1/28/15

Today, Ultraspank:

Ultraspank is one of those bands who probably could’ve gotten somewhere with enough time invested, had things worked out; they were on their second record (which this song is from), and were dramatically improving as a band, and it seemed like a third record would’ve really gotten them to a level of at least mild public recognition. However, Epic, their label, basically didn’t promote their records at all, to hear them tell it, and while they managed to get onto a game soundtrack (3Xtreme for reference) and moved some units from that, Epic’s original president had signed them with the intention to push them, but was fired shortly afterwards, and the new one gave no fucks about them. Progress, their second record, was their last, and most of the band is presently in Lo-Pro, which is a fine enough band, but doesn’t have the same sound or feel, and it’s a shame; I liked Progress, and this song has a certain place in my heart, but I really just can’t get into Lo-Pro, so this is kind of where it ends, more or less.

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