Random Song of the Day – 2/6/15

Today, Etro Anime:

Back in the days before Atlus basically changed from a mentality of “converting titles for a Western audience,” to “fuck you, you LOVE Japan,” they would try to at least partially make their games palatable to a US audience, with variable success. While there were a few missteps along the way, there were a couple of notable successes. One of those was the conversion of the character Masao Inaba in the original Persona into Mark, who was one of the very few black characters in RPG’s in specific and gaming in general at that point; while the Americanization of the rest of the cast was kind of terrible, Mark was at least something unique, and not terribly racist to boot. Sadly the US release of the PSP remake left him as a stupid white kid, which (given all of the improvements to the game) is honestly the only reason I never bothered to buy it.

The other notable success was picking up Etro Anime to provide the title track for Digital Devil Saga.

While I generally love Atlus’ in-house band a whole lot, at the time Shoji Meguro was a few years out from putting together his current awesome in-house band, and it wasn’t until about 2006 with Persona 3 where he realized what he could really do with music. While his sudden revelation ended with him creating one of the best possible in-house bands imaginable*, prior to that he was making music that was fine, but aside from “Aria of the Soul,” he wasn’t really doing a lot to develop his music at the time Digital Devil Saga came out. Atlus opted to draft independent band Etro Anime into service for a title track for the game, which ended up becoming what you see above, “Danger.” I appreciate that, as I honestly probably would’ve never discovered the band otherwise, and that’d be a shame, as they’re quite good.

* Fun side-note: while researching this piece, I happened to find out that the rapper for the in-house band, Lotus Juice, was raised in New Jersey. So basically Lotus Juice, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Han Seung-yeon of KARA all spent at least some of their formative years in Jersey. I don’t really have a comment about that, I just find it interesting in a civic pride sort of way.

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