Random Song of the Day – 2/11/15

Today, Eisbrecher:

Two things about this band strike me. The first is that the original band the lead singer, Alexx Wesselsky, comes from, Megaherz, never really did anything for me in the strictest sense, but Eisbrecher these days is a better Rammstein than Rammstein is, to the point where they’re almost constantly releasing records, and their specific sound hasn’t really gotten tired or boring yet. The second is that, as is generally the case with Neue Deutsche Harte bands, Eisbrecher tends to write a lot of really heavy quasi-romantic songs, but in in Eisbrecher’s case, as noted above, they don’t… always turn out well. I can kind of appreciate a guy who doesn’t feel the need to look cool in his own band’s videos and can show some ass to get a point across, and Alexx and company are generally really good about that.

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