Random Song of the Day – 2/12/15

Today, Nine Inch Nails:

The semi-popular opinion about The Fragile, the two-disc set this song comes from, is that it wasn’t great (or it was the last time I bothered to check), but I honestly feel like, had Trent pared it down a bit to remove the filler and poor tracks, the end result would have been a pretty amazing piece of work. As it stood, the record did well in its first week before setting a “biggest drop from number one” record (at the time) because basically everyone kind of crapped on it outside of its first week. It’s kind of a relative thing, though; for as much as this record was a bit melodramatic and overly long, it’s worth pointing out that outside of the radio singles from NIN’s prior work, so was basically every other NIN record prior to this point; this one just drew more attention to that fact because of how long it spent in development and how big its release was.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that there were some truly great songs on this record, as starting with the next record, With Teeth, Trent kind of started going off into a quasi-experimental direction he’s not really looked back from since. It’s good to remember when he had a specific, directional vision, instead of the odd experimental vision he’s using now that kind of sounds like a less interesting Aphex Twin project.

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