Random Song of the Day – 2/17/15

Today, Body Count:

Body Count, these days, seems like kind of a vanity project for Ice T; he certainly doesn’t need to make music anymore given how successful he’s been in music and acting, and rap/rock blew up and died in Body Count’s absence, so clearly this is less a “this would be a popular release” deal and more a “I want to do it, fuck you” thing. Personally, though, I have a soft spot for Body Count, because it’s a concept that never really gets old, and honestly, Ice T still has it as a rapper, and I still like rap/metal when it’s done right. Besides, the concept of the video above is a very special kind of hilarious, partly because you kind of feel like it’s the equivalent of an old guy screaming about getting off his lawn at Twitter as a whole, and partly because the idea of Ice T literally driving around, shooting anyone who makes fun of him on Twitter, isn’t that far-fetched.

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