Random Song of the Day – 3/2/15

Today, Lindsey Stirling:

Lindsey Stirling is an incredibly talented violinist, as you can see above, but I tend to like her more because she’s like an anti-matter Emilie Autumn. They’re both powerful violinists who seem to love performance art hand-in-hand with their playing, but while Stirling tends to focus on more conventional concepts with an artistic bent (IE the above, and a music duel in the wild west), Autumn tends to focus on abnormal concepts (burlesque, abuse, suicide) and applies a decidedly conventional “goth girl” bent to them. Not that this is a slag on Autumn (we’ll get to her shortly so you can be the judge), as I love her work as well; it’s just interesting that for as rare as it is for violinists to become notable or successful outside of classical standards these days, there are two people who’ve turned their talents toward the mainstream, and the results couldn’t be more different.

Though if American McGee ever makes another Alice game, he’d damn well better hire Autumn to record a track for it, if only because I want to see Stirling and Autumn do a violin battle at E3. Make this happen video game industry.

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