Random Song of the Day – 3/17/15

Today, Natalia Kills, proper:

So yes, a little less than a decade later, the cute girl rapping about hitting the club was now singing about being a horrible human being while prancing around in her underpants and a fur coat. She’s still a damn talented vocalist, but she’s essentially doing the Brittany Spears thing, where she did a specific thing growing up, then decided that she wanted to be super different once she got older and remade herself as a half-naked trainwreck. See also Cyrus, Miley. Though I will note that Natalia’s music seems to kind of have a more subversive bent to it, which is part of why I’m intrigued by it; if it turns out I’m wrong and she’s just writing songs about being horrible and shit, then oops, but it seems like she’s kind of making a commentary here, and if so, I approve.

Though speaking as an e-smoker, Blu e-cigarettes cannot produce vapor like that. Fuck you video.

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