Random Song of the Day – 3/18/15

Today, Utada Hikaru, Japanese version:

This probably isn’t one of my favorite songs of hers (I like it, but there are better), but it is one of my favorite videos, because fucking look at it. It’s adorable.

It’s also one of Utada’s very last actual videos, as she’s kind of been on hiatus for a while; there’s a fairly recent one that seems to lend credence to the rumor that she’s releasing a song for the new Evangelion project coming soon, and that may well be her last actual record, at least for a while, for one reason or another. Alternately, she may be planning a comeback, but that’s the nature of musical rumors-as-filtered-through-Wikipedia for you.

Anyway, I hadn’t posted an Utada video yet, and mentioning her during the “We Are the World” post reminded me of this, so here you are. We have an… interesting follow-up tomorrow.

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