Random Song of the Day – 3/25/15

Today, Deadsy:

When people talk about Cher’s kids, the one most people talk about is Chaz Bono, because of his transgender advocacy. Cher’s other kid, Elijah Blue Allman, on the other hand, hasn’t done quite as much, but one thing he has done that I appreciate is the above: founding the band Deadsy, which is about as far, musically, from Sonny and Cher as you can get. A lot of it comes across as goofy experimental darkwave music, and as such, it’s hard to really get into if you’re not really into what the band is trying to do. “Mansion World,” however, is one of those songs that works on its own merits, and it’s accessible almost in spite of itself, so it’s the one I’m sharing today.

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