Random Song of the Day – 3/31/15

Today, 40 Below Summer:

I discovered 40 Below Summer during a weird project I was doing for about a year, where I’d walk into the CD section of Best Buy (back when that was a place we actually bought music) and buy the weirdest looking CDs I could find at the moment. This one had a weird symbol on the front (which I believe shows up in the video preview) and seemed interesting enough, and it ended up being one of the better CD’s to come from this escapade. The band is still very much a nu-metal band, but they always struck me as a nu-metal band with chops to back it up, and the ability to put together something more complex than a dude screaming into a microphone, as the above shows. They’re very much limited in their ability to use metaphors in songs effectively, but a lot of 2000’s bands are, honestly, and we still kind of enjoyed them anyway, so it’s almost endearing in its own way.

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