Random Song of the Day – 4/1/15

Today, Texas Hippie Coalition:

This is about as close to an “April Fool’s Day” joke as I’m willing to get.

A friend of mine showed me this the other day, apparently as something he thought was good, and… well. So here’s the thing: listen to the song, if you can manage it, without paying attention to the lyrics or the video. From that perspective, it’s not bad, right? The lead singer has decent range, the band clearly knows what they’re doing, and it’s fine for what it is, yeah?

The problem is, it’s when you pay attention to the context, IE the words and video, that shit falls apart. I have so many questions here, and I’m sure you as the viewer probably share them, but I guess my single most pressing question is, “While I’m sure you’re very proud of yourself sir, such that you’re sure that this girl who left you is pleasuring herself to your memory, have you looked in a mirror?” I mean, far be it from me to body-shame someone for being overweight, but dude looks like a fucking boss from Final Fight.

Also, any song that uses the word “masturbating” in the classical meaning of the term pretty much ranks as “awful” in my books, so, fuck this thing, but you really have to see it because it is so bad.

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