Random Song of the Day – 4/6/15

Today, sigh, Limp Bizkit:

I honestly really do want you to watch this, but not for the reasons you’d think.

I love this video for so many reasons, honestly. For one thing, for a video that’s twice as old as the PSY video I posted Friday, it doesn’t even have a tenth of the views; we’re talking 10 million to 200 million, and that’s sad as hell. The PSY video is clearly due to worldwide recognition, too, as the KARA video I linked a week or so back only has 8 million views, and they’re pretty damn big in South Korea (certainly big enough to almost get the same amount of hits as Limp Bizkit in less than half the time, in a country with 1/7th the population of the US). Take that in for a minute: a dude rapping in Korean about how drunk and hungover he is is twenty times more popular than Fred Durst. I love every part of that.

Further, the video itself is just so amazing. Durst clearly had seen Gangnam Style before making this, and apparently took away from it that self-parody isn’t a bad way to go when you’re making a video, but he couldn’t actually make it work. The first minute or so of the video kind of starts going there, with Fred rapping on the toilet and people making sexy faces with a leaf blower, but then the need to reinforce the fact that (and let’s be real here, this is the motivator) Fred Durst has a giant penis and is a sex God takes over and suddenly large-breasted women are playing in water and Fred’s hanging with Lil Wayne, because of course he is. It’s like, Fred said, “Okay, let’s make fun of me a bit, because that worked for PSY… okay, I rapped on the toilet, welp, guess I’m done, time for titties.”

Also the chorus sounds like Durst is saying he drinks jizz, and I don’t care what he is saying, that’s what I’ll always hear. Fred Durst drinks jizz, that’s it.

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