Random Song of the Day – 4/9/15

Today we get to what I wanted to post yesterday, Daft Punk:

I have an odd opinion of Daft Punk, in that I thought Homework was a good start, Discovery was a transcendent piece of work, and everything after that was aggressively mediocre at best. Don’t get me wrong, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack had bits of greatness buried in it, but those bits of greatness were two minutes long as often as not, and the actual studio records from the band weren’t great. Human After All is borderline industrial and repetitive as hell as often as not, and while I don’t need everything to sound like disco-techno, I do need for the band to LEARN from past records, not go back to Homework again, especially not when your visual aesthetic is “robots playing guitar,” except in one case, where it’s “the media fat-shames people into killing themselves,” for some fucking reason.* Their current record is a little better, at least, mostly because they brought in some extra talent to shore up the heavy lifting and seem to be getting back to trying to build on the concepts they made successful with Discovery, but it’s still a step backwards.

Anyway, the point is, Discovery is still an amazing record, to my mind, for a lot of reasons, and the song above, “Something About Us,” is one of my favorite tracks from it. It’s an amazing piece of work all around, and it’s not hard to love, frankly. It doesn’t hurt that the piece is set to an animated video from Toei Animation in the style of Space Battleship Yamato and Galaxy Express 999, because it was supervised by their creator, Leiji Matsumoto, either. I don’t know what to tell you man, it just works.

* Not that this isn’t true, of course, but when you’re making this statement by way of a music video for a song that basically repeats the lyrics “Do it now, live it, the prime time of your life,” for four fucking minutes, you’re not doing a great job of getting that message across. Honestly, the video is one of those rare cases where the actual video itself is powerful stuff (especially the ending), but the song it’s set to is complete crap.

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