Random Song of the Day – 4/10/15

Today, Mr. B. the Gentleman Rhymer:

For those who don’t really get this, it’s part of a specific sub-genre of nerdcore music dubbed “chap-hop,” which is basically what it sounds like: dudes who rap like they’re posh British types, dress like they fell out of the 1800’s and, occasionally, evoke a Steampunk motif. The two biggest players in this thing are Professor Elemental (who leans more toward being thematically correct and adds a bit of Steampunk here and there) and the above rapper, Mr. B. (who leans toward using modern conventions on occasion). There are others who… aren’t so great, but these two are generally pretty good, and I felt like it was about time I introduced you to them if you hadn’t seen them yet.

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