Random Song of the Day – 4/14/15

Today, Die Antwoord:

Music from other countries is really interesting to me, because it’s either completely different from anything that’s ever been popular in the US, or because it’s exactly like what’s been popular in the US, but several years after the fact. Die Antwoord is basically a crossbreed of those two concepts, marrying a musical style and aesthetic that stopped being popular years ago, but in a way that’s wholly different from anything the US ever made popular, which has helped them become surprisingly popular in the US. In a lot of respects, they represent everything that’s right with the music scene, as they’ve made themselves popular through hard work and talent rather than marketing and appearance, because really, exactly how much do you expect a US label would’ve marketed a South African rave hip-hop act that looks, well, like they do?

Also Flea and Marilyn Manson make cameos in this video for some reason, so there’s that.

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