Random Song of the Day – 4/21/15

Today, f(x):

My exposure to Japanese singers mostly comes from either hearing something they did for a nerd project (IE gaming, anime, etc) or finding them through that association (with one exception), but my exposure to Korean music almost entirely comes from listening to PSY. That seems weird, but it’s actually pretty basic: every so often, PSY will release a new video, I’ll watch it, and then I’ll go down the clickhole for an hour watching whatever videos pop up as associated to the video I just watched. That’s how I discovered Hyuna and 4Minute*, as well as today’s highlight, f(x), and I recommend it if you have an hour to waste and eclectic tastes in music.

Anyway, f(x) is interesting, in that they have an eclectic visual style to their presentation, but their music is kind of hit-or-miss as pop/hip-hop/whatever music goes. While KARA and 4Minute tend to make videos that are far more basic, their music is a bit more conventionally pleasant. f(x) makes videos that are more interesting color and presentation-wise (let’s be honest, it’s all pop choreography here) but songs I’m kind of eh with. This song is one of the more interesting of the lot, though, and I enjoy it quite a bit, so here you go.

* KARA, oddly, is the exception here; I discovered them through a weird Korean rhythm game, DJMax Technika Tune, which featured a bunch of their songs and videos. I got nothing.

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