Random Song of the Day – 4/22/15

Today, to continue the theme, 4Minute:

Let’s address the obvious point here: the disconnect between the visual imagery and the people actually performing the song is… confusing to say the least. That aside, compare this to yesterday’s video for a second. While South Korean pop acts seem to have a weird fascination with Western urban culture*, the rest of the video is okay, but not anything new; it’s a bunch of choreography, black-and-white with bits of color, and dance steps. The song though, that’s interesting; it’s got an interesting and non-conventional structure, and the vocal progression is interesting and surprisingly hard to get out of your head whether you like it or not. I don’t have a specific point here, since KARA, 4Minute and f(x) are all super successful in South Korea; I just find the different approaches to production interesting.

* Which is fine, because it’s become so over-saturated at this point that anyone can do it in their music videos, and it’s no longer interesting and doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s funny that a band like 4Minute is using it in a way that seems intent on conveying a specific thing (how crazy they are) when KARA did it years prior to convey a different thing (something about a dude).

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