Random Song of the Day – 4/24/15

Let’s finish out this week of weird Asian music with the prince of Visual Key*, Gackt:

You almost certainly have some idea who Gackt is if you like Square Enix games; he’s supplied a few theme songs for their work, and was Genesis in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, so you’d probably be able to pick him out. Even if you don’t, though, he’s somewhat notable in the US, mostly due to his extensive body of work, and while he’s not a musician on the level of popularity of someone like Utada Hikaru, he is notable amongst, well, dork circles for a bunch of reasons.

I tend to like his work because he’s not really pigeon-holed by the fact that his original band, Malice Mizer (seriously) made metal music and dressed like Victorian clown hookers (seriously), as shown above. While he still makes metal music as needed, as well as the odd but expected piano ballad, he’s not afraid to make himself look like Cloud Strife and experiment with horns and goofy pop melodies when the need arises or he’s particularly bored. He’s also dabbled in acting and has a shitload of soundtrack credits to his name, because that’s how he do, and it helps him sell his shit on iTunes I suppose, so hey, more power to him.

* Assuming you consider X to be the respective kings of it, and most people (myself included) do. I like Gackt and all, but Hide was the fucking man, fuck you.

If that sounded like “dork dork dork dork” to you, I’m not surprised, I promise.

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