Random Song of the Day – 5/25/15

Today, Blue Stahli:

There’s blood like crazy in parts of this, for reference.

Blue Stahli is a guy Klayton Scott gave a contract to for one reason or another, who is, interestingly, almost inarguably better at this specific kind of music than Klayton himself is. Part of it is that he seems to legit be a talented musician; while Klayton has his moments, his forte is mostly programming, while dude here can at least sing well and play the guitar reasonably well. Part of it is his composition; Klayton mostly overproduces his work, while this uses programming as both a basis and a compliment, not as a hyper embellishing tool. Most of it, though, comes down to the fact that he seems to have a pretty good handle on who he is and what he wants to do with his work, such that he has a sense of humor about it, and can not only break out in the middle of his own over-the-top video to create a random sight gag, but can convince Klayton to do the same.

Plus he kind of looks like a young David Bowie, so there’s that.

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