Random Song of the Day – 5/26/15

Today, Gary Jules:

Cover songs are generally not a great endeavor; at best, you often end up making the same fucking thing over again, and at worst, you end up shitting all over the message of the original song and making something terrible out of something awesome. That said, sometimes a musician will take a song that maybe needed (or offers) a different take, and they’ll make something magical, which is what Gary Jules does here. The reality is (and this happens a few times with New Wave songs), “Mad World” was an okay Tears for Fears song, but it’s way too happy for the concept it’s trying to convey (mostly due to the drum beat), and the song suffers for it. By stripping the song down to a piano and vocals, Gary Jules turned the song into something really painful, which a song that features a lyric that the best dreams you have are the ones where you die should be.

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