Random Song of the Day – 6/13/15

Well, now that I’m not soul-crushingly busy, let’s listen to some Spandau Ballet:

For those who are too young to remember, this band was a small-scale success in the 80’s with “True,” the song above. That video is linked off of their Youtube channel, because they are somehow still around, and I found that so amazing that I wanted to celebrate their only song that I can even reasonably enjoy. It’s not that the band is bad, per say, as they have several songs in their back catalog that are quite acceptable. Rather, it’s more that this song is probably the best use of their talents, and if the rest of their back catalog sounded similar to this, they’d probably have done more in the US than they did. Instead, they’re known for this and… not a lot else (I think “Gold” might have gone somewhere), mostly because the rest of their work is far more upbeat, and oddly enough, that doesn’t really work as well for the band as you’d think.

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