Random Song of the Day – 6/16/15

Today, Dio:

I know the popular choice is “Holy Diver,” but I like reminding people that Dio was always rocking, not just once in the 80’s.

Ronnie James Dio was one of those musicians you either loved or hated; he was an amazing vocalist, but his lyrics were often cheesy as hell, and I know plenty of people who thought he was just too corny. All the same, though, Dio was a force in heavy metal, and without him, we’d be missing a lot, not just from metal, but from music in general. If nothing else, Dio popularized the idea of “throwing horns” at metal concerts, was the first to keep Black Sabbath going for a while after they fired Ozzy (for the reasons you’d expect), and is basically one of those “rock gods” people keep talking about. I’m not really into metal of any sort these days, but Dio was always someone who made music I could enjoy, and five years after his passing, I can still say the world is poorer for the loss.

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