Random Song of the Day – 7/21/15

Today, David Guetta:

David Guetta is, logically speaking, the evolutionary next step in music from Daft Punk, so it’s not hard for me to understand why I like what he’s been doing with music for the past few years. Our favorite bands eventually fall into their patterns because mental plasticity eventually fades and artists stop growing, but new artists who’ve learned from those favorites growing up will take away lessons (good and bad) from those acts and bring them into new music to do something evolved, but familiar. Alice Cooper inspired Marilyn Manson, Madonna inspired Lady Gaga, and so on, and it’s not hard to trace the lines and see how the things we loved inspired the things that exist now. Georgio Moroder inspired Daft Punk, and Daft Punk inspired David Guetta, and as I appreciate one, so do I appreciate the next.

Also, when Guetta works with Nikki Minaj he manages to keep her focused in a way she rarely is in her own music, and I respect the hell out of that.

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