Random Song of the Day – 7/22/15

Today, Georgio Moroder:

I went with this song for two reasons.

First off, if you’re a fan of David Guetta and/or Daft Punk, it’s a good thing to see where those sounds came from, if you haven’t already. While the more devoted music fan out there will probably have heard this already, for the rest of you, Giorgio was a huge disco creator in the 70’s, and he inspired and created a significant amount of music, including much of the electronic music we love today. As such, it’s worth listening to if you haven’t, because you can see the influences in popular music of today, and you can see why Daft Punk respected the man enough to write an entire song about him, because he’s very talented, if nothing else.

Second off, if you’re a wrestling fan who doesn’t like Daft Punk or David Guetta, I wanted to post this to point out that you probably like Georgio Moroder, since this is the theme song of the Midnight Express and all, so maybe you should go back and give those acts another shot. Just a thought.

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