Random Song of the Day – 7/27/15

Today, Bjork:

While I might well have posted something from her in the past, I wanted to post this because I’ve been listening to Debut, her first significant US release, and it’s still pretty interesting on its own merits, outside of time period and context. The video is really weird, as you can see, but I find it interesting that Debut as a record is probably one of her tamer efforts. It’s also her least popular one as well; despite the fact that Bjork basically needed Debut as a record to get traction in the US market, it was the lowest ranked, chart-wise, in the US of all her records. Considering how hard it can be for some acts to keep themselves in the public eye, the fact that Bjork has managed to chart consistently for over two decades in the US is kind of impressive, even if she’s never been the kind of artist who generates multi-platinum records with but a touch.

On the other hand, one of her records, Volta, features her dressed up in a multi-colored soda bottle with feet on the cover, so really, why wouldn’t you buy that, if only because of perverse curiosity?

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