Random Song of the Day – 09/11/17

Today, Christa Lee:

I rarely link to an artist’s sale page, since most of the songs I highlight here are of the sort you can purchase easily on iTunes, but today I want to actively link to the Bandcamp page of Christa Lee, because the only reason I discovered this album existed was because

1.) HBomberGuy used one of the tracks from the album in a recent video, and

2.) I discovered the game Localhost, which Lee provides the soundtrack for,

and let me tell you, this album you guys.

Admittedly, I’m a Sega kid; I grew up with the Sega Master System and Genesis long before I had consistent exposure to the NES and SNES, so it’s very possible that this musical concept project won’t resonate if you weren’t a big fan of Sega soundtracks growing up. Honestly, however, it’s a risk I’m willing to take, because I love this album, starting from the opening moments of the above track, “Welcome to the Fantasy Zone,” which even includes the Space Harrier sample before launching into something that feels like it would’ve been at home in the aforementioned game, but modernized for the current listener. Most of the record is like this, actually, from the Streets of Rage inspired “Boulevards of Fury” to the Outrun inspired “Magical Sound Sailor” and beyond, and I cannot recommend this highly enough, especially if you grew up with a love of 80’s gaming, as I did… or, failing that, you really liked the Space Harrier homage in Bayonetta.

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