Random Song of the Day – 09/15/17

Today, Mondo Grosso:

Well, let’s keep the “songs I discovered because of something nerdy” theme going through the end of the week; this time, the song in question was one I discovered attached to a music video about Final Fantasy XIV, and while the video proper was interesting, I have a fondness for the actual music video as well, albeit for different reasons. The song itself (the title apparently translates to “Labyrinth” for reference) probably isn’t the song I like the most from them, but it’s interesting, between the odd pacing of the snaps in the background track relative to everything else and the fact that the track proper both does and does not feel like it flows the way you’d expect. I also like that the video is intending to be a single take, and while it feels like they utilized some editing tricks to implement quick breaks between shots, and there’s not a lot of obvious choreography, I appreciate the effort, if nothing else.

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