Random Song of the Day – 09/20/17

Let’s continue on with the theme of EDM for a bit, so today, BT:

BT is a really interesting musician to me, in that he makes music that is obviously part of the EDM genre (such as it is), but also sounds completely unlike anything in the genre, because to be blunt, dude is dedicated to his craft. That’s not just hyperbole, either; he pioneered the stutter edit (AKA the vocal effect he uses here where it sounds like his voice is, well, stuttering) and made his own music tools company, Sonik Architects, in part to supplement his own work in the field. He’s also the sort of person who will alternate between radio friendly standard EDM recordings and hour long EDM-infused orchestral concept albums solely to fulfill his own creative interests, and frankly, I will never not respect that. “Somnambulist” is probably one of his more obvious tracks to show off, but it was basically either this or the video where the dude from Soul Coughing raps while DJ Rap spends more time in the video than BT does, so I decided to go with the one that’s more focused on the creator in question.

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