Random Song of the Day – 09/21/17

Today, DJ Rap:

That’s right, continuity motherfuckers.

So, DJ Rap is an odd duck, and not in the least because she, uh, actively does not rap. I first ended up discovering her almost entirely by accident back in 1999 when she released Learning Curve, a semi-pop influenced record that was… okay, without getting too far into the weeds, you know that thing David Guetta does now, where he makes a bunch of EDM tracks and has famous people sing over them? Well that sort of got its start in the late 90’s as a matter of necessity, because people weren’t really chomping at the bit to buy hour long discs of music featuring no vocals unless they were already into EDM, and radio stations weren’t really looking to play a lot of non-vocalized electronic tracks, Sandstorm notwithstanding. As a result, you’d frequently see instances where DJs would bring in someone to vocalize over their beats for a record before they went back to making hour long DJ mixes, to the point that this basically describes the majority of Paul Oakenfold’s career path.

Well, back in 1999, DJ Rap was in a similar position, and decided to take the BT route of simply singing her own music, and the results were… not bad. If I’m being realistic, her lyric writing skills are… not the best, but it’s not meant to be; DJ Rap is primarily a drum and bass DJ, and if her lyrics get you to listen to her beat composition, then that’s the cross one must bear.

This probably isn’t my favorite song proper from DJ Rap, but it came out this year, and I really like the drum and bass layering in the track proper, so it’s the one I decided to include. On one hand, between DJ Rap’s really solid beat weaving and a voice that actually holds up reasonably well without extensive vocal effects, I wonder what kind of a song she could make with someone who can write a decent lyric or ten, but I *also* kind of wonder why she thought “This is my first music video in years, let’s fight vampires,” and I doubt I’m going to get an answer to that question, either.

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