Random Song of the Day – 09/25/17

Today, Ice Cube (and also Paul Oakenfold, again):

Look, I didn’t plan for this continuity stuff to keep happening, but when I see an opportunity, I’m gonna take it.

If you haven’t heard of Ice Cube, shut the fuck up, yes you have. He’s a founding member of NWA, which is basically the most famous rap group of all time, he’s had a successful solo career, and he’s a successful actor and producer, everyone’s heard of fucking Ice Cube.

I picked this song not only because of its obvious tie-in to the conversation we had on Friday about Oakenfold, but also because it’s from one of the weirdest soundtrack concept projects out there, Blade II, AKA “the soundtrack where we paired up a bunch of awesome electronic music makers with a bunch of awesome rappers and said ‘go nuts’,” and on a soundtrack full of interesting tracks, this is easily one of the strongest. Combining a backing beat that is, frankly speaking, absolutely perfect for someone of Ice Cube’s caliber, and Cube basically writing “I’m Ice Cube and you ain’t shit” in the stars, this is just a really easy listen, and honestly informs a lot about how rap has evolved over the last few years, such that at the time this was kind of outside the box, but now beat makers sort of do this kind of thing all the time.

Not this thing specifically mind you; not everyone needs to rap over rock guitars (as Eminem described it), but the “heavy production beats” part.

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