Random Song of the Day – 09/27/17

Continuing on from yesterday, sigh, today we have Taylor Swift:

Now, let’s be clear here: I have opinions on Taylor Swift, just in general, between her years of dramatic feuds, her music and her constant character changes between albums, but let’s put that aside and focus on the two most salient points:

1.) I don’t especially like this song, and

2.) It’s full-on sampling Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”

Now, I’m not sure how nostalgic for this specific song Swift would’ve been, since she was two years old when it came out, but it’s worth noting that this is, again, the second song within a two month period to decide “gee, the 90’s were super swell at making good pop music, let’s emulate that,” which is a really interesting stylistic choice for two unrelated musicians to make independent of one another.

I mean, again, let’s be clear here; I don’t care for this song for a few reasons, and while I don’t think it’s bad, it’s not for me personally. I feel like the build-up to the chorus should be attached to a much better chorus than the one this song has to offer, the lyrics are mostly repetitive and dull (especially that bridge, woof) and the “Taylor’s Dead” part in the bridge is basically the sort of thing a seventeen-year-old would have thought was edgy, but that can happen in any pop song. The part that’s especially baffling is where, wholly independent of any other input, the producer decided “Let’s borrow ‘I’m Too Sexy’ for this beat” and this song popped up within the same general time period as another song that was in love with 90’s musical aesthetics.

This becomes really confusing, by the way, when we get to the third song to do this tomorrow…

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