Random Song of the Day – 09/28/17

Continuing on from yesterday, today we have Fergie:

First off, hi again Nikki. Jeez, no wonder Nikki hasn’t released an album since 2014; this is something like her ninth appearance in a song in 2017 alone. I mean, considering “Anaconda,” this is probably for the best, as the lyrics at least have some chance of improving, and at the worst case you just end up with “Rake it Up,” which is only as bad, not worse, so, you do you I guess.

More importantly, though, here we are with Fergie, and what is perhaps the most egregious example of the “the nineties were awesome guys” music sampling that’s been happening all of a sudden. While Katy Perry borrowed the aesthetic of 90’s music, and Taylor Swift sampled a beat and rebuilt it, Fergie straight-up just builds this song around “It Takes Two,” (which came out in 88 but still) and then goes a step beyond THAT and samples the song that “It Takes Two” sampled, “Think (About It)” from Lyn Collins, during its bridge, just to be extra cheeky.

Now, to be clear, I don’t really have much of an opinion on the song itself, save that the backing beat sounds nice, but it sounded nice in the song(s) it came from as well. Honestly, if you remove the samples and Nikki’s section, all you’re left with is a song that doesn’t seem to be about very much, unless you consider “Fergie brags about how she imbibes a lot of beverages, is rich and wouldn’t sleep with you,” to be about, which… doesn’t seem like it’s worth writing a song about when Twitter exists, but to each their own. Rather, I just find it interesting that this is the third song to borrow heavily from 90’s aural aesthetics in two months, especially when it’s unlikely the three planned this in any meaningful way (especially since Swift and Perry have heat, still).

Why is this happening, though? Well, I have a (stupid) theory about that, which we’ll get into tomorrow.

Spoilers: it’s really stupid.

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