Random Song of the Day – 10/03/17

Today, Trevor Something:

So, going back to yesterday’s discussion point, as I mentioned, most New Wave covers fall into one of two categories, but I didn’t really qualify what they meant. Now, “Bullshit” should be fairly apparent, but when I say “exact cover,” what I mean is, a musician heard a song, said “I wanna do that song,” and just… did that song. They neither added to, nor subtracted from, the original release… rather, they just… made the song over again, essentially.

Trevor Something is doing exactly that thing, above, and I want to be clear, I think it’s a very good cover of the song. It does exactly what the Depeche Mode song does, and Mr. Something does a great job of emulating that style and tone in his work. The problem, as I’m sure you’ve probably noticed if you listened to both songs, is that he does exactly what the Depeche Mode song does, and we already have that song. What reasonable person needs ten identical versions of the same song? I mean, yes, it sounds a little cleaner (owing to improvements in recording and synth technology), and yes, he adds in some neat drum effects and a nifty breakdown at the end, but otherwise, it’s the same song.

Don’t do this, aspiring musicians. Make a cover your own. Just… not in a bullshit way.

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