Random Song of the Day – 10/09/17

Today, In This Moment:

I discovered this during my investigations into covers of “Enjoy the Silence,” specifically when I was looking up the Nonpoint cover of “In the Air Tonight” (as I couldn’t remember the name of the band who did the terrible, terrible cover), and goddamn if this isn’t an absolutely perfect illustration of everything I said about the Ki Theory cover of “Enjoy the Silence,” and to a lesser extent, about the Lacuna Coil cover as well.

In This Moment is a band that felt like it had a bit of an identity crisis for its first few records, as Beautiful Tragedy is aggressively heavy but lacks a real voice, The Dream is basically “another band trying to be Evanescence,” which doesn’t even work for Evanescence anymore, and A Star-Crossed Wasteland felt like it was trying to be a weird hybrid of the two. From Blood onward, though, the band has really found its footing, between heavy-yet-melodic backing music and Maria Brink using her ability to scream sparingly, when it will have the most impact in a song, allowing the band to stand out among its peers and really fill a void that not many acts can touch.

This cover appropriately fits into that niche effectively while also respecting what made the original song great by using one simple trick: it holds back Brink’s vocal power until the point where the drum solo kicks in, making the cover deliver not only the expected musical punch, but also hitting the listener with the vocal punch of Brink’s unleashed fury, for lack of a better way to describe it. This is a cover that was clearly written by someone who gets why the original song is awesome, and frankly speaking, I’d be surprised if anyone else in the genre could even begin to touch it.

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